Discover the geology of northern Arizona

Professional guided tours of the geology and history of Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, northern Arizona and southern Utah. 

Welcome to Flagstaff Geologic Tours—serving individuals or groups seeking guided, customized and informative tours emphasizing the geologic history of the northern Arizona region, including Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Antelope Canyon and Petrified Forest.

All of our customized tours are organized and led by an avid outdoorsman and a resident of Flagstaff for more than 12 years. He is a retired career geologist (holding a Master's degree in Geology) with extensive international and US travel experience, and who has guided many tours in the northern Arizona area. He is well acquainted with the natural history and culture of Grand Canyon and surroundings.

This site was set up and designed to provide answers regarding our tours, packages and policies. Tours other than the ones described here can be arranged to match your interests. Please contact us should you have questions or want to arrange a tour.